(Online Exhibition)  Greeting

 The Medical Safety Promotion Organization (MSPO) is an international academic organization established as NPO (a general incorporated association), mainly by executives from the International Association of Risk Management in Medicine (IARMM) and the Japan Society of Clinical Safety (JPSCS). Both societies have held memorial lectures on the WHO's World Patient Safety Day (September 17).

 IARMM hosted an international debate at the University of Tokyo in 2005 to promote the global transfer of medical safety technologies (http://www.iarmm.org/1Safetech/bulletin.pdf). This year, with the launch of the MSPO, we will hold an online corporate exhibition toward an global transfer of safety technologies during a month from The World Patient Safety Day.

 Medication safety, medical device safety, and safety information technology are the essential targets in this world memorial exhibition. We will distribute the product introduction videos to promote the excellent products of the industry around the world.

Under the global infrastructure of IARMM, which has hundreds of thousands destinations, we are convinced that this international contest will be a powerful tool for promoting patient safety around the world.

May 2022 MSPO Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Committee