(Online Exhibition)    Call for Exhibits

 Contents: Introduction of your comercial products about patient safety areas of
 pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and information systems.

 Exhibits: Product manuals and instructional videos

 Distribute to: over 450,000 cases around the world by email or fax                                    

 How to distribute: Youtube video
         → Here is how to upload videos to Youtube

 Submit documentation: Product name, PDF of description (no more than 2 pages of A4 size)
            Email address and name of contact person for questions and answers

 Deadlines: (August 31, 2022) Receipt sbmission of participation fee payment.
       (September 1, 2022) Material submission

 Participation Fee (English): 2,000 US$ for 40 minutes per product (fax tree)
      ...Extended hour fee system 800 US$ by 15 minutes. (tax free)

 Please apply from here → Application Form

1. Before registration, email your product summary to us.
2. We will email the exhibition acceptance to you within 1 week, if accepted.
3. Then, you should register at the above Application Form.
4. Finally, pay the registration fee by PayPal.

[ Payment Method ] PayPal

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The system is avalable even if you are not PayPal member who is requested to embed your contacting information at the next page after you push a button of the following 'Buy Now'.
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If you wish to request an exhibit longer than 40 minutes, please select your preferred time from the pull-down menu.
If you would like to apply for an exhibit that will last longer than 70 minutes, please contact our office.

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