(Online Exhibition)    About Contest

Host:Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Committee in Medical Safety Promotion Organization (MSPO)

Support:WHO, International Association of Risk Management in Medicine (IARMM), etc.

Purpose:September 17 is World Patient Safety Day (WPSD) according to World Health Organization (WHO). To commemorate this day, an industrial exhibition of the latest patient safety technologies will be held to promote the spread of safety technologies to the global medical community. In addition, we will award excellent products.

How manage the event

  Method of exhibition: Video distribution on demand
            Yutube distribution shall also be available for adoption


  Holding Period:17 September 2022 - 16 October 2022

  Q&A: E-mail communication with company representatives

Exhibitors: Industries from around the world (medical devices, pharmaceuticals, information industry, etc.)

Participation Fee (English): 2000 US$ for 40 minutes per productvideo  ...Extended hour fee system 800 USD per 15 minutes.

Audiences: Several hundreds of thousands healthcare professionals around the world (no charge of participation fee)

Publicity: Abstracts, posters, etc.
      E-mail delivery (400,000 around the world)
      Several tens of thousands of social networking sites owned by MSPO (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc).